Krali Marko Trails is a trail running race which is held every year in Prilep and its surroundings. The event covers three races with different lengths: 16km, 31km and 90km. The 90km race this year will be held for the first time. It is the first Macedonian ultra-marathon race and is certified by the International Trail Running association ITRA.

Although the event is scheduled on 24 and 25 September, the team of Krali Marko Trails (KMT) and its organizers – the club TREX / PSD MAKPETROL decided to launch a series of open trainings that will aim not just getting in shape for the next edition of our race but also for the promotion of trail running in our country. The trainings are open to all those who already actively practice this sport, but also for those who would like to start.

In this series we will run throughout Macedonia and the length and profile of the chosen paths will be adjusted for the capabilities of the group. We will run in the mountains, beside rivers, we will climb peaks, we will be super quick on the downhills. We assure you that once you decide to start this sport, you will never stop.

Below you will find a few pictures of our first two open trainings, the first near Katlanovo this February and the second in Slan dol – Stip. Follow us on our Facebook profile (Krali Marko Trail) and on the website ( and be informed of the third open training that follows soon. Come to run/be active/enjoy together and become part of our family.