Prilep – general information

Welcome to Prilep – the city under Marko’s Towers. By visiting this city, situated in the heart of ancient Macedonia, you get the opportunity to know some of the most unique Macedonian traditions, rich history, scenery and enjoy delicious, quality and rich Macedonian food and pleasant climate.

Prilep is located in the southern part of Macedonia, particularly in the northern part of the largest plain in Macedonia – Pelagonia. It is known as “the city under Marko’s Towers” because of its proximity to the former fortress of the legendary hero King Marko, whose name carries this race. It is considered to be the “capital of tobacco” because of the large scale production of this herb, and the large number of churches, monasteries and rich old bazaar in the city center are excellent representatives of its cultural heritage.

General Information
Location: In the southern part of Macedonia – Pelagonia
Located 128 km from the capital Skopje
Population: 76,768
Area which stretches: 1,675 km2
Language: Macedonian