Trail-running Association TREX supported by the Municipality of Prilep, is organising the trail running event Krali Marko Trails. 


Krali Marko Trails is a trail running event with five races which take place around the town of Prilep, Marko’s Towers and Mount Babuna. The area abounds in natural beauty and cultural monuments of the past, a majority of which are included in the tentative list for protection by UNESCO – The event is the largest trail running event in Macedonia.

All races start and finish in the oldest settlement in Prilep – Varos, and three races together with one kids’ race will take place this 2019 year. 

  • Kozjak Trail

67 kilometers 3600 meters of denivelation, start 28.09.2019 in 08:00 local time, 3 points for UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – ITRA verified

  • Kamena Baba Trail

34 kilometers 1750 meters of denivelation, start 28.09.2019 in 10:00 local time
2 points for UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – ITRA verified

  • Treskavec Trail

16 kilometers 800 meters of denivelation, start 28.09.2019 in 10:00 local time

  • Markukule Trail – Kids race 

1 kilometer, start 28.09.2019 in 10:30 local time 

  • The race is open to anyone, men and women over 18.  Participants under the age of 18 (on the age of 16 to 18) may participate with written permission from a parent only on the race Treskavec Trail 16 km races;
  • Participation in the race is on personal responsibility and the organizer assumes no liability in case of injury, accident or death;
  • Each participant holds personal responsibility  for their actions on and around the track, especially in case of violating the laws of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Participants are required to be fully aware of the length and specification of the race and be totally ready for it;
  • Have acquired abilities and skills for survival in mountain conditions, dealing with changes in the microclimate (rain, fog, wind, snow, night, low temperature);
  • Be able to cope with isolation, physical and mental problems, digestive problems, pain in the locomotor system;
  • Be fully aware that it is not the duty of the organizer to assist in dealing with the previously listed issues and concerns;
  • By entering the race each competitor in the electronic form confirms that it is aware of the dangers of competition in nature and takes the risk to themselves.

Voluntary registration and then participating in the races Krali Marko Trails indicates that the competitor is familiar with these rules and agrees to fully accept the rules and regulations set forth herein.


The term “autonomy” means the ability of a participant to depend on himself/herself in almost every part of the race. In addition to food and drinks, this also applies to clothing and equipment, making participants able to adapt to the environment (storm, injuries).

At the checkpoints the participant can get food and water from the organizers of the race, but between these points, the participant should be able to rely on its equipment, food and drinks, preparedness and resilience. Because the races take place in nature and on the mountains, the competitors must have the experience to adapt to the conditions of nature, unexpected changes in weather conditions, rain, thunderstorms, meeting with animals.

The organizer will mark the track in an appropriate way (details in section MARKING OF THE RACE); yet, competitors must have a minimum sense of orientation in nature.


Medical assistance teams and Mountain Rescue teams will be provided along the routes in case of emergency. In case of injury or other necessity, competitors will have to call the SOS phone of provided by the organizer on the Bib-number. If they are in area which is not covered by phone signal, they will have to convey the message to the first next checkpoint – so that actions can be taken as soon as possible.

However, by considering the inaccessible terrain and unforeseen mountain weather, the first responders to a such events are the runners themselves. Therefore, each runner is obliged to stop his/her race and to be actively involved in the assistance and rescue of other injured runners.  

By submitting the registration form, each competitor confirms that it is aware of the dangers of competition in nature and takes the risk by themselves. The organizer will do its best to reduce the risks. However, we kindly ask the competitors to follow our advice and recommendations.

  • We recommend that every contestant has a liability insurance which would cover the expenses in case of personal harm during sport activities in nature.
  • We advise all competitors regularly to monitor their health status and also, recommend a stress test a month or two before the competition to determine the level of fitness/stamina for this type of sport which requires high level of endurance.

In order to preserve the safety and health of competitors, regulators and medical teams checkpoints have the right to stop the race and exclude those competitors who have been assessed that are no longer able to continue the race. In any event, competitors are required to follow instructions from controllers and medical teams. Any violation of these guidelines will lead to the disqualification of a competitor, and if he/she decides to continue at all costs, the organizer assumes no responsibility for possible side effects.

Each competitor that has any disease or medical condition is advised to consult a specialist for permission to participate in the races, and their doctor must notify the organizer of the race.


Registration procedure
Registration starts on 05.05.2019 and lasts until 22.09.2019. It is made only through the website registration form on 

  • Enrolment fee and participation waves:

Race Early bird

05.05 – 30.06.2019

Regular fee

01.07 – 31.08.2019

Final call 

01.09 – 08.09.2019

Treskavec Trail 16 km 5 euro 7 euro  7 euro 
Kamena Baba Trail 34 km 8 euro 12 euro  12 euro
Kozjak Trail  67 km  20 euro  30 euro  30 euro 
Markukule Trail – kids race Free of charge / registration on spot
  • Payment procedures:


* Online payment is made through the secure “3D Pay” system of Halk Bank
** Note – in the online charge you will be charged a commission of 4% for bank charges and maintenance

  • OFFLINE – ON BANK ACCOUNT – 270069272700140 – Здружение ТРЕКС – Скопје – Халк Банка

*** Note – the price does not include bank fees at the OFFLINE payment
**** Offline payment is only available from local banks in Macedonia

  • In the registration process the following is not permitted:
      1. Switching between races after you have been registered and payment had been confirmed, is not permitted.
      2. Transferring already paid registration for next year is not permitted.
      3. Participation with a start number assigned to another person is not permitted.
      4. Race bib and gift bag pick-up is not permitted after the event has finished.
  • Race package includes:
  • Treskavec Trail 16K and Kamena Baba Trail 34K
  • Start number with the name of the competitor
  • Food and drinks during the race
  • Finisher medal
  • Online degree
  • Gifts from the partners of the race
  • KMT branded gift from the organizer
  • Participation on one unique outdoor event
  • Kozjak Trail 67K
  • Start number with the name of the competitor
  • Food and drinks during the race
  • Finisher medal
  • Online degree
  • Finisher meal
  • Gifts from the partners of the race
  • KMT branded gift from the organizer
  • Participation on one unique outdoor event
  • Race bib number and gift bag pick-up

Race bib number and gift bag pick-up time and place will be announced accordingly (please check event program at . It can be collected personally only with ID card or Passport verification. 

  • Maximum number of participants
  • Kozjak Trail 150
  • Kamena Baba Trail 200
  • Treskavec Trail 200
  • Cancellations until 30.06.2019  follow 50% refund of funds
  • Cancellations after 30.06.2019 – No reimbursement

If the race is canceled due to factors beyond the control of the organizer, up to 30 days before the event, 50% of the funds will be refunded. This amount has been calculated due to partial coverage of the already invested funds of the organizer.

If the race is canceled or interrupted due to atmospheric factors or any factors beyond the control of the organizer (vis major), it does not follow reimbursement.

Cancellation due to injury

In the case of non chronic osteo-articular or muscular damage acquired after the registration, and not completely curable before the race start, and solely in this situation, the organizer will transfer the funds for the next edition of Krali Marko Trails.



Kamena Baba




Bottled water or water bubble in a backpack – minimum 1 litres of volume OBLIGATORY RECOMMENDED
Race number attached to the front of the body – clearly visible OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY
Rain jacket – suitable for conditions in mountain OBLIGATORY RECOMMENDED
Head lamp with extra batteries OBLIGATORY
Blouse with long sleeves or sleeves RECOMMENDED
Cap / bandana RECOMMENDED
Energy bar or similar solid food RECOMMENDED

Competitors are required to wear the OBLIGATORY equipment with them throughout the whole race. The organizer has the right to verify the obligatory equipment of the contestants on any control point (even unannounced) and if one of the contestants does not own most of the equipment will be disqualified from the race.

The equipment stated as RECOMMENDED by the organizer is not mandatory to possess during the race, but it is highly recommended to be possessed by the runners. 

The use of hiking sticks is allowed if the participant decides to use, he/she must have them during the whole race.

10. DROP BAG - Kozjak Trail 67K

KT 67K – Each participant in the race Kozjak Trail – 67 km will be provided with a bag (from the organizer) which, together with the participants’ most needed items can be left at the organizer’s headquarters before the start. The drop bag will be available at the aid station – Sv. Gjorgij – Prisad (41 km of the race). 

At the end of the race, participants can take their drop bags from the race Headquarters after showing their BIB number. 

If none appears to pick the package within 12 hours after the race, it will be subjected to destruction due to hygienic reasons.


Treskavec Trail 16 km / 1 control and 1 aid station

Control Points Refreshment Point Location Total km km to next D+ cum D+ to next D- cum D- to next Time first Time last
START Varosh 0 8.5 0 700 0 150 10:00 10:00
CP1 RP1 Treskavec 8.5 7.3 700 120 150 672 10:47 13:00
FINISH Varosh 15.8 820 822 11:22 16:00
Time Limit – 6h

Kamena Baba Trail 34km / 4 control and 3 aid stations

Control points Refreshment Point Location Total km km to next D+ cum D+ to next D- cum D- to next Time first Time last
START Varosh 0 8.5 0 700 0 150 10:00 10:00
CP1 RP1 Treskavec 8.5 4.5 700 60 150 550 10:50 12:00
CP7 Dabnica 13 6.7 760 160 700 144 11:20 13:30
CP2 RP2 Prilep Lake 19.7 9.3 920 569 844 589 12:05 15:00
CP7 RP3 Dabnica 29 5.3 1489 251 1433 306 13:15 16:30
FINISH Varosh 34.3 1740 1739 13:50 18:00
Time Limit – 8h

Kozjak Trail 67K / 8 control and 7 aid stations

KOZJAK TRAIL 67K – 3600 D+
Control Point Refreshment Point Location Total km km to next D+ cum D+ to next D- cum D- to next Time first Time last
START Varosh 0 8.5 0 700 0 150 8:00 8:00
CP1 RP1 Treskavec 8.5 9.5 700 260 150 730 8:55 10:00
CP2 Prilep Lake 18 6 960 240 880 30 9:50 11:30
CP3 RP2 Pletvar 24 10 1200 880 910 785 10:25 12:30
CP4 RP3 Krstec 34 7 2080 257 1695 341 12:00 14:30
CP5 RP4 Prisad 41 5 2337 22 2036 242 12:35 17:00
CP6 RP5 Prilep Lake 46 9.5 2359 564 2278 589 13:00 18:00
CP7 RP6 Dabnica 55.5 4.5 2923 560 2867 54 14:15 20:00
CP8 RP7 Treskavec 60 7.3 3483 140 2921 700 15:10 21:30
FINISH Varosh 67.3 3623 3621 15:50 23:00
Time Limit – 15h

Checkpoints are places where there has been the time of arrival of a runner – it is made from any of the volunteers. Checking in on the every of the races control points is obligatory. Anyone who does not appear on any of the control points will be disqualified from the race (listed in section DISQUALIFICATION AND PENALTIES).

Control points are also the aid stations for runners who will be able to get food (fruits, sweets, salt, etc.), water and other beverages for refreshment.

On the control point Sv. Gjorgija – Prisad (for runners on KT 67K) besides the basic food and refreshment, runners will be able to get hot meals – vegetarian soup and hot drinks – coffee and tea.


In case a runner wants to drop out from the race (because of any reason), he/she must contact a race official at the nearest aid station and inform him/her in order to registered as such in the system, otherwise the Organizer will consider him/her as lost and will put out a search and rescue team for him/her. 



  • Treskavec Trail 16km

The time limit for finishing the race is 6 hours after the start (16:00 local time). Anyone who fails to arrive within this time limit will be disqualified.

  • Kamena Baba Trail 34km

The time limit for finishing the race is 8 hours after the start (18:00 local time). Anyone who fails to arrive within this time limit will be disqualified.

  • Kozjak Trail 67K

First time limit is control point CP6 Prilep Lake (46km race) 10 hours after the start of the race (28.09.2019 18:00 local time).
The time limit for finishing the race is 15 hours after the start (28.09.2019 23:00 local time)

Only at the checkpoints CP6 Lake Prilep and CP5 Prisad, transport will be provided to the finish for those runners who are unable to continue the race or failed to fulfill the time limit designated by the organizer.


Red and white stripes are the official markations for the Krali Marko Trails races and they will be placed at appropriate distance so that competitors won’t have no major problems with orientation. Most of the 67 kilometer route will be marked with reflective markings which enables easier detection of the same overnight.

Use of GPS navigation is allowed and recommended – race tracks available at the official website – so the contestants will have extra security in orientation. However, GPS track is approximate orientation. Due to changes in the situation on the ground minor adjustments to the track may be made, because the race is considered officially marks – signalisation red and white stripes.

If any of the contestants continue in part that no visible delimitation, it is advisable to return to the last point where there is one.


All registered competitors for the three races of the edition “Krali Marko Trails 2019” will be classified into the following adult and gender categories:

  • Juniors  – (16-18) years – Men (M); – Only on Treskavec Trail 16K
  • Juniors  – (16-18) years – Women (F); – Only on Treskavec Trail 16K
  • Seniors – (18-50) years – Men (M);
  • Seniors – (18-50) years – Women (F);
  • Veterans 1 – (50+) years – Men (M);
  • Veterans 1 – (50+) years – Women (F);
  • Veterans 2 – (60+) years – Men (M);
  • Veterans 2 – (60+) years – Women (M);

The final ranking of the participants is in the general rank, category Men (M) and category Women (F)


The event does not award cash prizes to the best participants. Participants who finish in the first three places of the races will be rewarded with a unique trophy, gifts from sponsors of the event and a diploma.
Additionally, the best three participants in the Juniors (16-18) and Veterans category (50+), as well as the youngest and oldest participant of the event will be awarded.


By accepting these regulations each competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright over the official photographs of the event. All official photos of the event are the property of the organizer and they must not be used, exploited and taken without prior approval. The organizer has the right to use these photos for their needs.


Krali Marko Trails will be environmentally responsible event. It appeals to all competitors, volunteers and the public, to be extremely careful and not to pollute. 

Anyone who will be caught polluting the nature will be disqualified. Competitors who need to litter shall bring the trash and leave it at the next checkpoint at the specified bags for waste. Let’s try our conduct to be an example for others and to contribute our nature to remain clean and unpolluted – for us and for future generations.


The organizer has the right to disqualify a competitor in the following situations:

Rules Disqualification Penalty
Competitor is NOT registered at a control point ✔
Takes short cuts during the race ✔
Is spotted throwing waste 2 hour
Not helping a contestant who needs help 2 hour
Using a transport through the race ✔
Is opposing to checks by the organizers during the race ✔
do not possess the mandatory equipment or refusing to show it to a possible inspection by the volunteers ✔
Is violating an order of a competent person – volunteer, medical aid organization ✔

The organizer reserves the right to modify and change the race route, control points and the time of start at any time due to objective reasons.

If any undesirable weather (possibility of thunderstorms and storm) and adverse consequences due to bad weather are possible, the organizer reserves the right to make changes at any part of the rout or cancel the race.

The start of the race can also be moved for several hours due to undesirable weather conditions, including the forecast of high temperatures.