The oldest and most visited race Treskavec Trail is 16 kilometers long and starts in Varosh from where it leads you under Marko’s Towers and through the local picturesque hills to the Treskavec monastery which dates from XIII century. It is said that the monastery Treskavec was the least accessible and the most hidden sanctuary in Macedonia because at that time you could reach it only on foot through the narrow mountain trail which leads besides the incredible rock formations.

The race abounds with religious and spiritual motives and is a real represent of the mythical and cultural heritage of this part of Macedonia. The spectacular landscapes of the largest macedonian plane – Pelagonija and the incredible rocky surroundings will leave you breathless and will make you return.

The perfect blend of length and technical features make it be ideal for those who participate for the first time, but it is also a solid challenge for those with more experience.

Start and finish – amphitheatre in Varosh, Prilep – GPS – 41.357493, 21.530867

Start – 31.10.2020 – 10:00 local time


Control Points Refreshment Point Location Total km km to next D+ cum D+ to next D- cum D- to next Time first Time last Time limit
START Varosh 0 8.5 0 700 0 150 10:00 10:00 10:00
CP1 RP1 Treskavec 8.5 7.3 700 120 150 672 10:47 13:00 13:00
FINISH Varosh 15.8 820 822 11:22 16:00 16:00
Time Limit – 6h





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Enrolment fee and registration waves:


RACE Early bird

10.10 – 26.10.2020

Treskavec Trail 16 km 5
Kozjak Trail 65 km (fully self-sufficient) 0
Markukule Trail – kids race Free of charge





Starting package includes:

  • Start number with the name of the competitor
  • Food and drinks during the race
  • Finisher medal
  • KMT branded gift from the organizer