Hello to everybody from the KMT team

There are few days left till the start of this year’s edition of Krali Marko Trails.
In addition, the organizing team would like to introduce you with the most important things around the race.


Program Event

Saturday 24.09.2016

  • 09:00 – EXPO opening in Varos
  • 09:00 to 20:00 – starting packages delivery (16/31/90) – amphitheater Varos
  • – Leisure activities –
  • 18:00 to 21:00 – drop bag delivery (90)
  • 19:00 – Technical meeting
  • 20:00 – Pasta Party
  • 21:00 – Official opening of KMT 2016
  • 23:00 – Start of the 90 km race

Sunday 25.09.2016

  • 07:00 to 09:30 – starting packages delivery (16/31 / Kids Race)
  • 10:00 – Start of the 16 and 31 km races
  • 10:15 – Start of the kids race – Markukule
  • 16:00 – closing of the 16 km race
  • 18:00 – closing race of 31 km
  • 18:30 – declaring the winners of races and welcoming site of the last finishers of KMUT
  • 21:00 – closing race of 90km

STARTING PACKAGES DELIVERY – The starting packages will be delivered in the above mentioned time periods from the KMT HQ in Varos (amphitheater) – * see map. All participants must personally appear for picking their starting package.

ACCOMMODATION PROVIDED BY THE ORGANISER – The free accommodation in the sports hall of the school Riste Risteski Ricko * see map – will be provided from 23/09/2016 to 25/09/2016 (over the weekend). In the hall there is a possibility to shower. – https://goo.gl/ieBvjQ

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT 90K – All competitors of Krali Marko Ultra Trail 90K must bring the mandatory equipment specified by the organizer at the starting package delivery and must carry this equipment throughout the race. You will find the mandatory equipment here – https://goo.gl/u7nSto

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT 16 and 31K – All participants on Treskavec Trail and Kamena Baba Trail are advised to carry the recommended equipment specified by the organizer.

BIB PERFORATORS 90K – On two locations of the 90 km race ­- Kojzak Peak (33 km of the race and the highest point) and Edinak Peak (76 km race)​ there will be placed and properly marked perforators which the participants must use to puncture their BIB number (properly marked).

TECHNICAL MEETING – The technical meeting for 90K will be held at 19:00 on Saturday 24.09.2016 in the Municipality of Prilep building (center). It is desirable that all participants of this race attend to hear some important things about the race. For the races on 16 and 31 km, a short technical meeting before the start of the races will be made.

GPS – The use of GPS devices during the race is allowed. If you have such device, download the latest updated .gpx files of each of the races: 90K, 31K and 16K.

ONLINE RESULTS – Results and times of runners from checkpoints Treskavec, Lake Prilep, Prisad and Start / Finish will be updated online here.

Please read the RULES and REGULATIONS of the race to get yourself fully familiar with all the details of the races – https://goo.gl/u7nSto

The forecast for now is great, let’s hope that there will be no major changes 🙂

See you at the start,

Greetings from the KMT team