It is a great pleasure for our team to establish initial collaboration with the Slovak Ultra Trail Association, which is an umbrella association of all ultra-trail organizers in Slovakia. The team has been working for more than 3 years in the field of promotion and popularisation of the sport in the country, and their calendar of events, which mainly take place on the mountain massifs of Mala Fatra, part of the Tatras and the Carpathy, has 14 events in trail running.

The TREX and Krali Marko Trails Team sincerely hope for successful cooperation in the coming years as well as visiting some of these great races. On the other hand, one of the goals is to also present the Macedonian mountains and events in trail running to the large number of trail runners in this European country.

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Below is a brief explanation of the association SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL:

The SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association has been officially established in July 2014. However, already in January of the same year there was the first meeting of the team in Považský Inovec mountains and since then the activities and cooperation are continuing until today. Our original target was to coordinate the organizers of ultra trail races in Slovakia because of the new sports events organizing law and also because of the increasing number of ultra trail events in the calendar to avoid .

Today the SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL team has 19 members, mostly race organizers with several years of experience. And of course, it is not only about race calendar and law. During the years we have established a close cooperation and a great team, which covers the areas of volunteering in ultra trail races across whole Slovakia, material support, timekeeping, know-how sharing, maintaining the website, promoting our races etc., but also about friendship and having lot of fun.

The main objective of ouр association is organizing of ultra trail races in Slovakia. We are trying to help to build up and promote ultra trail as well known sport in our country. Our association is organizing the Slovak Ultratrail League (Slovenská Ultratrailová Liga), which is a all-year contest for the participants of the races included. Related to this is a year’s (season’s) end ceremony in Bratislava (an evening for organizers, runners and volunteers).

Our target is to continuously increase the overall quality of the races, increase the safety of the participants. We are focused on supporting the sports ethics based on fair play, equality, respect and solidarity values. Also we are not forgetting the environmental impact of the races – we are emphasizing the respect to nature, avoiding unnecessary trash (e.g. using own cups on races).

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The SLOVAK TRAIL association is a member of  the International Trailrunning Association:

The races, which are organized by SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association, are:

The members of our association are organizing also the following partner races:

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