Kamena Baba Trail 35K

02.03.2025, 09:00

34.2 km / 1,800 D+

Limit: 8 h.

ITRA: 2 points


Registration from 15.12.2024.

Treskavec Trail 18K

02.03.2025, 11:00

17.8 km / 980 D+

Limit: 5 h.

ITRA: 1 points


Registration from 15.12.2024

Useful information

The Event

The oldest and most popular mountain race in N.Macedonia that is organized since 2011, called "Treskavec Trail" is 18 km long and starts from Varosh in Prilep and through the Markovi Kuli and landscape hills takes the runners to the Treskavec Monastery (13th century) and then back to Prilep.
The longer run "Kamena Baba Trail", it also starts from Varosh and follows the path to Treskavec Monastery and from there it continues through otherworldly rocky landscapes through Kamena Baba for a total of 35 km.

#KraliMarkoTrails leads through the nature monument and protected area #MarkoviKuli in the mountain branch of Mount Babuna, around Markovi Kuli, Treskavec Monastery, Kamena Baba, Edinak, Kukul... This alien landscape, recognizable by the characteristic rocks that are composed from a wealth of shapes, it is due, above all, to the geological composition of the terrain - metamorphic rocks-gneisses that have been penetrated by younger granites-granodiorites.

Krali Marko Trails abounds with mythical and spiritual motifs that take your breath away and keep you coming back. The event truly represents the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Pelagonian region in N.Macedonia. Centuries later these races are a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of King Mark, explore and become a modern day hero!

Krali Marko Trails

A unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary King Mark centuries later, explore these trail running races and become a modern day hero!
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