Krali Marko Trails abounds with mythical and spiritual motifs that take your breath away and keep you coming back. The event truly represents the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Pelagonian region in N.Macedonia. Centuries later these races are a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of King Mark, explore and become a modern day hero!

start: 02 MARCH 2025, 09:00, Prilep
distance: 34,2 km
ascend: 1,800 m D+
descend: 1,800 m D-
time limit: 8 h
aid stations: 2
Registration from 15.12.2024


02.03.2025, SUNDAY, 07:30 - 08:45


Useful information


* Each runner competes at their own responsibility.
* By paying the registration fee, the participants accept the terms and conditions and agree to take part at their own risk.
* Runners must be in good physical shape.
* The race will take place in all weather conditions, unless the safety of the runners is at risk. In such case the organizing committee will decide upon an alternative trail, alternative parts of the trail or complete cancellation of the race.
* Due to difficulty of the race, runners under the age of 18 cannot take part for Kamena Baba Trail and under the age of 16 for Treskavec Trail.
* The trail will be well marked (exclusively red flags in nature, marking tape in urban areas, sign posts at crossroads…). Race staff and volunteers will be present at key points in order to direct the runners.
* The organizer does not accept liability for any damage or injury made by the competitors to themselves, to other competitors or to a third person.
* The organizer does not accept liability for any damage made to running gear.
* Should the route marking be missing at given trail sections, runners have to report it at the nearest check point.
* All runners must carry the mandatory gear.
* All runners must follow the marked path. Any use of shortcuts and running out of the marked trail will be punished accordingly. In case you don’t see any route markings for more than 200 meters, go back to the last marking and re-check the possibility of continuing.
* The organizer reserves the right to change the routes.
* By signing up, you allow the processing of your registration data in TREX database.

The following is not permitted:
- transferring registration for the following year;
- participation in other distance instead of the race distance for which the athlete has registered;
- bib number exchange or use by anyone other than a registered athlete.
Any athlete found with another athlete’s race bib during or after the race will be disqualified.


* Race bib number, timing chip
* Route markings
* Medical and rescue assistance, refreshments and food along the race routes
* Race branded gift
* Finishers medal
* Race photos
* Life-time bragging rights ;)


There is NOT any mandatory gear except race bib number. In case of a bad weather conditions, the event organizer has the right to ask for additional mandatory gear, which will be announced a day before race start - don't underestimate the Power of Nature!
The following equipment is highly recommended and may be carried by athletes for the entire duration of the races:

- (only mandatory for Kamena Baba Trail): running vest/pack with flasks or liquids container with minimum 1 liter capacity. (Also highly recommended for Treskavec Trail).
- race bib number visible during the entire duration of the race (provided by the organizer)
- emergency blanket or windproof jacket
- cell phone with full battery and roaming switched on
- cup, flask, or small container for liquids. In order to reduce the use of plastic, there will be no disposable cups available at aid stations thus athletes must bring their own cups/flasks


- flask, hydration bladder or water bottle with a capacity of at least a half-liter of liquid
- whistle
- hat and/or bandana
- energy bars or solid food
- at least 300 denars (5 Euro) to buy drinks or food at the finish
- trail-running sneakers
- elastic bandages for dressings
Trekking poles are permitted.

Krali Marko Trails

A unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary King Mark centuries later, explore these trail running races and become a modern day hero!
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